Guam Decolonization Registry

While the Commission on Decolonization was set up to conduct a plebiscite on Guam’s political status, the people who would participate need to register with the Guam Decolonization Registry. Public Law 25-106:2 defines the Guam Decolonization Registry as separate and apart from the Chamorro Registry (authorized by PL 12-130) and would specifically delineate the list of qualified voters for the plebiscite. The Legislature, in putting forth this law, also stressed that the Decolonization Registry would not be based on race.

Again, the intent was to allow people who were defined as “native inhabitants” of Guam as naturalized by the Organic Act of 1950 and their descendants to register. The registry also is open to persons who are not on Guam but who otherwise fill the stated requirements. Currently, the Guam Election Commission states that there are a little over 6,000 people who have signed up for the Decolonization Registry; there are over 46,000 people who are registered to vote in Guam’s elections.